The local Philippine National Police (PNP) is housed in the Municipal Hall in Barangay Poblacion and has a floor area of 48 square meters. The existing police force has a total strength of eighteen (18): one (1) Chief of Police and seventeen (17) Police National; Central Officer (PNCOs) yielding a ratio of one (1) policeman per 2,379 persons. Their basic armaments, facilities and equipment includes: twelve (12) rifle caliber 5.56, seven (7) rifle caliber 7.62, eleven (11) pistol caliber 9MM, one (1) revolver caliber 38, one (1) base radio, three (3) hand held radios, typewriter, tables, benches and chairs. The headquarter has also one (1) jail cell with an adjoining toilet.

Moreover, a police outpost has been established at Barangay Centro Toma, about five meters away from the satellite market. This is to prevent all forms of crime and illegal activities especially during market days.

The police officers are tasked with the responsibility of enforcing the law, maintaining peace and order, preventing and controlling crimes and ensuring public safety and internal security in the town. Aside from campaign against loose firearms, drug addiction, illegal gambling, cattle-rustling and smuggling, information drive is also conducted against insurgency. Also, these uniformed men serve subpoenas and warrants of arrest; and give security assistance to important visitors. Likewise, police visibility through mobile / foot patrol, visitations and “pulong-pulong”, is one of its priorities. They also conduct training and seminars for CVO’s/Barangay Tanods. With these police achievements / activities, the municipality is generally peaceful.

On the other hand, a fire department is also housed at the municipal ground floor with an area of 42 square meters. The Department is manned by six (6) fire officers, one (1) municipal fire marshal and five (5) fire fighting officers. Each fireman serves 7,137 persons. The Office is equipped with one (1) fire truck, fire coats, fire boots, fire helmets, fire hoses, fire nozzles, extension ladder and hand held radios.

Civic Sector and Community Participation

A contributory factor to the prevalent peace and order in the town is the participation of the citizenry in the barangay level. All the barangays have Lupong Tagapamayapa chaired by the Punong Barangay whose main function is to encourage amicable settlements of disputes. The “Pangkat ng Tagapagsundo” is the conciliation panel of the Lupong Tagapamayapa.

In the forefront are the Civilian Volunteer Organizations or CVO’s. The CVO’s replaced the para-military unit Civilian Armed Forces Geographical Unit (CAFGU) who were oriented and trained for basic military preparedness and tasked to fight the insurgents in the mountainous barangays. Nowadays, the CVO’s merely consist of traffic / auxiliary / disaster brigades and barangay tanods.

It was mandated that each barangay shall have its own CVO composed of residents with experiences or capabilities to act as peace officers of the community. Members of CVO are appointed by the Punong Barangay upon recommendation by the Barangay Councilmen. These volunteers, as the term connotes, are without salaries or allowances. Their services are rendered for free. However, some barangay councils have set aside in their budgets certain amounts by way of honoraria and incentives of the tanods.

Specifically, these barangay peace officers assist local policemen in the maintenance of peace and order especially during market days, fiestas and other holidays, including traffic routes implementation, surveillance works, and “rondas” at night. Likewise, they patrol critical areas to prevent commission of crimes, rescue / assist victims of criminal acts / disaster; and act as marshal during public events and even those of private concerns such as funerals. More often these CVO’s are visible in street intersections and crowded areas assisting police officers.

The CVO’s / barangay tanods are under the supervision of the Chief Tanod, who in turn, is responsible to the Punong Barangay. Depending on the number of inhabitants, the peace and order situation, and available able-bodied volunteers, membership of the CVO varies. In Bani, the organized CVO’s have a total number of 243.

Crime and Fire Incidences

As recorded by the PNP Headquarters, in 2001, there were thirty-six (36) crimes committed. As per police blotter, child abuse ranked as No. 1 with ten (10) reported cases or 27.8 percent, followed by rape with six (6) cases or 16.7 percent.

In 2002, crime incidence decreased by nineteen (19) or 47 percent. All of the crimes committed were index crimes namely murder, frustrated murder, rape, robbery and attempted homicide.

As to incidence of fire, it was only in 2002 that fire incidents had occurred in Bani. Based from the record, there were seven (7) fire incidences that happened from January to December of the said year. Of these, six (6) were structural fires caused by electrical faulty wiring and gas leaks and one (1) frustrated Arson.

The Bureau of Fire personnel continuously provides information, education and campaign on the mission of fire prevention and encourage household owners to have ready equipment like pail of water, fire extinguisher and ladder for emergency purposes.

Before issuance of license and building permits, the BFP conducts regular inspection of new establishments if there are fire extinguishers and other fire fighting equipments and whether there are leakages of gas tanks.
Firemen and Fire Equipment

Aside from the increasing police force, it is also imperative for the municipal government to hire additional firemen based on the standard of one (1) fireman to 2,000 population and considering the number of establishments and structures in the municipality that have to be secured and protected.

The Bureau of Fire Protection housed at the municipal ground floor needs to be expanded and renovated in order to occupy the additional personnel as computed.
2.3. Others

The functions and responsibilities of civilian volunteers and the whole populace of the municipality should be properly defined in order to improve their participation and performance in maintaining peace and order situation.

Likewise, it is imperative to have frequent dialogues and trainings to be conducted to improve coordination among the citizenry, non-government organizations, government law enforcers, and local officials in solving and preventing crimes and fire incidences.

An increase in the incentives for Civilian Volunteer Organizations could also be motivators for better performance.


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